Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"It’s Africa’s Time"-Excerpts From CNBC Africa Executive Vision

By: Tim M. Solso, Cummins Inc & N. Justin Chinyanta, Loita Group

'.......Today, Africa is the new frontier, ripe for foreign investment.

Africa is booming – in part because African governments are heeding the call to action, removing barriers to trade, lowering taxes and improving the physical and social infrastructure that had impeded business growth. Africa’s collective GDP, at $1.6 trillion in 2008, is roughly equal to that of Brazil or Russia, and the rate of return on foreign investment in Africa now is higher than in any other developing region.

Despite all of these changes, and a proven ROI, most American investors are still missing out on a major opportunity for growth that would in turn create jobs and opportunity for millions of Africans. 
Local knowledge has been critical to Cummins Inc new approach for investing in Africa, allowing the company to expand in a way that supports the communities in which it does business. This is the aim of the Initiative for Global Development’s Frontier 100 group, of which we are both members, which connects CEOs like us from the United States and Africa to learn how best to maximize Africa’s potential.

To be sure, Africa is a continent, not a country, and there are hurdles to overcome in certain countries before sustainable business development and poverty reduction can happen. But the tremendous growth in foreign direct investment and track record of robust economic growth is clear evidence that the continent’s leaders are making progress – and shows investors looking for the next emerging market what could be possible.

What made enterprise growth in China and India work then – the only way to make it work in Africa now – is a long term view, and a plan to nurture not only the business, but the communities in which business is being done. A corporation and its employees are only as healthy as the communities in which they operate. 

 The long-term solution to business growth has often been an emerging market. This time, the emerging markets are in Africa. American businesses should explore this new frontier, or miss out on a chance to do well, and to do good....... '

Based on these article excerpts……………………

If African businesses do not interact with the web via online marketing and promotion, how will they benefit from these clear and present interests of companies wanting to have real staying power in a global marketplace.  How will these companies that are taking the chance to partner, buyout or invest in these “emerging” markets in Africa find your products and services?

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