Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WEBSITE Not Bringing In Business?

1.9 billion people on the web - and 4.6 billion on mobile phones. Mobile is here to stay, and you can't treat it like the rest of the web. The power of the click is replaced by one-touch phone calls, and the right Ad means everything.

On the one hand is Google’s model: search-and-go, get people out into the third party web. On the other hand is Yahoo!’s web portal model: provide a singular experience, give searchers what they’re looking for without having to leave the network of Yahoo! properties.

Google’s dominance in the mobile search market- the sources of their traffic. The Google App by itself can stand as the 2nd biggest iPhone search engine. As seen in  Search Engine Land and ReadWriteWeb.

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According to Google's Link Building SEO advice, the way the search engines operate is almost always changing. Sometimes the changes happen while we sleep and sometimes we are given a heads up way in advance so that we can prepare for the blow. Regardless building links is always going to be an integral part of building up a business online. In a recent blog post Google offered some advice for SEO link building.

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