Friday, October 22, 2010

AFRICANS Just Having A Website Is Not Enough ANYMORE!

We must involve ourselves with the infrastructure of the virtual urban world and its global blend of thinkers.

Most African businesses and Christian ministries believe that once they have a website, they have conquered the internet. Unfortunately, all they have really done is to simply open the door for their business or ministry to enter the World Wide Web.

Despite the fact that search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN, do allow people to immediately find a business if they type the exact website address; it may not effectively enhance the business.

The explanation is that if someone types in a certain “key word or phrase that relates to your business products or services and you have not employed some sort of internet marketing for your website-it may not even show up at all in the search engine.

There are so many easy and free ways to make a business stand out on the internet. The AfricanMarketingTech, consultants for African online marketing, suggests that “African companies or Christian ministries have got to aggressively and explicitly make their services and products known to the world via the use of internet marketing tools.”

Most Africans update their Facebook pages more than they do their business websites. If African companies and Christian ministries do not have time to constantly update their websites or blogs, seek the services of internet marketing consultants that will write articles about your business and update your keywords and phrases with search engines.

Ultimately the more you give about your business presence on the internet, the more you will get from people who urgently need your services and products.

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