Wednesday, December 28, 2016

African Christian Ministries Must Have An Online Presence

Christian Ministries should be using every opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of God.

With such amazing advances in technology, everyone around the world has access to the internet via a mobile phone.

They can watch and listen while moving or standing to your message and testimony of Gods goodness and the mission of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Romans 10:14

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Earth Is Vibrating In Africa

Amazingly the earth is shaking prosperity and vibrating with opportunity in Africa.  

However most Africans are astonishingly blind to the prospects at their finger tips.  

Yes we know that the people in Africa are Texting, Face Booking, Whats Apping, and Pinging-just as much as any other country.  

However are African business's accessing this online potential?
There are so many flexible and affordable advertising and marketing options for business online.  However it is up to business owners to simply go online and get help!

International Businesses  are Shifting left and right across the continent  of Africa via online marketing. Africa has the youngest population in the world, with 200 million people aged between 15 and 24, according to the United Nations (UN).

According to DAVID ROWAN, Editor of Wired magazine

 “If you want to become extremely wealthy over the next five years, and you have a basic grasp of technology, here's a no-brainer: move to Africa.
The earth is vibrating in Africa.....Get your African business moving online today!  Call for Help!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Business Success in Ghana and Nigeria Can Be Overwhelming with Video Marketed Websites

Are you a business owner in Ghana or Nigeria?

One of the most important things about internet marketing Nigeria business owners need to realize is that things have changed in the last few years. In the past, a large focus was placed on a website’s text content.

With the growing popularity of streaming sites like YouTube and more Africans using smartphones than ever before, the secret to the internet market explosion Nigeria Ghana and other African business owners need to know is video marketed sites.

Here are a few reasons that video marketed websites is one of the most popular internet marketing services in Nigeria:

Increase Your Traffic And Visitors

To rank a website in a search engine like Google, there are over 200 search engine signals that are looked at with your web page. One of the most important factors is whether a site has mixed media or not. If your site has videos, Google will naturally boost your rankings in the search engines which means you receive more traffic than ever before.
By adding videos to popular sites like YouTube, you can also rank the videos within the search engines themselves in addition to your pages that are hosted on Nigerian web hosting sites. Videos are also easily shared which make them an important aspect of social media marketing Nigeria business owners cannot ignore.

Generate More Leads, Sales, and Revenue

The most important aspect of a video marketed website is that it can help make you more money. In a video you can quickly explain information to your buyers, making them more likely to convert from being just a visitor into an actual lead or sale. Videos are perfect for any type of business or service to explain what you have to offer, but they are also great additions to sites that deal with e-commerce Nigeria. Having videos for each of your products can drastically increase sales.

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If you are interested in making more money with video marketed websites, get in touch with us today. You can learn interet success secrets from top Nigerian internet gurus, get the insider’s guide to mobile web and marketing in Nigeria, and quickly boost leads and sales with our video marketing packages. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nigeria Where Is Your Amazing Company Online?

Nigeria is the largest mobile market in Africa and the tenth largest in the world

Why is your business not having success online?

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation where Mobile access to the Internet overtook PC access in October 2011.

Nigeria is the largest mobile market in Africa, so whether your customers are riding a Danfo bus or being chauffeured by their driver.  Your clients are surfing the web while sitting in Chicken Republic or standing in Shoprite. 

Video is a very effective and guaranteed way to market your company online.  It keeps your customers engaged and locked in to your website.  It offers a personal way for you to welcome your customers to your business before they pay for your products or services. 

In Nigeria, mobile devices (with Internet access) are becoming people’s primary means to access the Internet. It is common for individuals to have more than one SIM card.  Handsets with multiple SIM cards are becoming increasingly popular across Africa.

The amazing benefits of video is that companies can use different languages on their video.  And now Nokia is the only device manufacturer that has integrated the three major languages, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa, into its handsets.  They are called WaZoBia phones, Wa for Yoruba, Zo for Hausa, Bia for Igbo.

We offer great results to our clients who want to expand their business both across the continent of Africa and internationally.

Engage your customers, speak to them about how you can solve their problems and increase their success with your products and services.

No matter if your business is a small company or large company that is growing; video will cause your business to increase.

Contact us today!  Let us help you personalize and increase your business online with video. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Websites Success Depends on Video Marketing your Organization or Business on the Internet

The overabundance of mobile connections to the internet all over the world has opened a platform for increased communication for individuals or business.  Professionals, students, upwardly mobile individuals and business in Africa are on planes, trains, and buses while connecting to the internet and communicating socially.

Websites these days must be marketed online in order to located.  Owners of websites must “Think BIG” when it comes to the internet.  It’s a world that can change your image or the image of your business over night with the right marketing tools.

Video marketing  on the internet via Youtube, facebook, twitter or other social networks, adds incredible value to your website.  It allows you to speak to your viewers or clients personally.  Video also allows you to really provide clear and concise details about the services and products you are offering.

Enable your business or organization with great video marketing today.  The power to connect and engage with people of similar interest is in your hands!

Contact us today to video, create and market your business or organization TODAY!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If Egypt Can Use The Internet To Revolutionize Their Country- Why Are You Not Doing The Same For Your Business?

Via the internet the world was able to experience an up and  close encounter with the people of Egypt.   

We were able to see and hear their opinions, tears, joy and celebrations.  Bloggers were at work 24/7 providing the world with every detail of the events that finally led to the victory for the Egyptian protesters. 

If  this can be done to create positive change for a country, it can be done for your business.  But just like the protesters were tired of talk and rhetoric-so they ACTED .......You too must get up and act today!

 If your company needs a website, get one now!!   Then contact companies like AfricanMarketingTechs that will market, promote, and blog about your products and services. The world wants to transact with your company, help them find you today!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Africans Lagging Behind, Yet Loving FaceBook

There really isn’t a logical reason for the lack in websites by African businesses, yet they enjoy abundance of Facebook accounts-that are updated daily!

One assumption is that perhaps Facebook is generating income for their non-existent websites or perchance the love for chatting and pontificating that Africans do so well has caused them to fail to recognize the need for their businesses to have an online presence.

Whatever the case may be, Africans can not expect to benefit from globalization and changes in economic relations brought about by globalization if they do not create websites for their business, churches or business. Chatting up others on Facebook is not enough.

Africa more than any other region of the world faces the danger of being left behind by rapid changes brought about by the forces of globalization. During the 1990’s African countries registered average growth of 2.5%, while Latin America and the Caribbean grew by 3.0%

Africa’s share of global trade is declining, Africa’s exports remain limited and much of this is caused by the fact that these companies do not have an online presence AKA a website. How will people in other parts of the world know what products and services these African business offer. The overall economic performance of Africa is being stifled by lack of legitimate business on the internet and online marketing.

Africa has so many emerging markets and many companies are taking advantage of the possibilities of globalization, but for the size of the continent of Africa, the numbers are still negligible.

Debt relief to so many African countries could be reduced if they would announce to the world the resources within their economies. International trade barriers on exports from Africa could begin to be diminished as more businesses are developed.

Rise to the challenge Africa and Glo. It’s time to rule your world!