Sunday, December 26, 2010

Africans Lagging Behind, Yet Loving FaceBook

There really isn’t a logical reason for the lack in websites by African businesses, yet they enjoy abundance of Facebook accounts-that are updated daily!

One assumption is that perhaps Facebook is generating income for their non-existent websites or perchance the love for chatting and pontificating that Africans do so well has caused them to fail to recognize the need for their businesses to have an online presence.

Whatever the case may be, Africans can not expect to benefit from globalization and changes in economic relations brought about by globalization if they do not create websites for their business, churches or business. Chatting up others on Facebook is not enough.

Africa more than any other region of the world faces the danger of being left behind by rapid changes brought about by the forces of globalization. During the 1990’s African countries registered average growth of 2.5%, while Latin America and the Caribbean grew by 3.0%

Africa’s share of global trade is declining, Africa’s exports remain limited and much of this is caused by the fact that these companies do not have an online presence AKA a website. How will people in other parts of the world know what products and services these African business offer. The overall economic performance of Africa is being stifled by lack of legitimate business on the internet and online marketing.

Africa has so many emerging markets and many companies are taking advantage of the possibilities of globalization, but for the size of the continent of Africa, the numbers are still negligible.

Debt relief to so many African countries could be reduced if they would announce to the world the resources within their economies. International trade barriers on exports from Africa could begin to be diminished as more businesses are developed.

Rise to the challenge Africa and Glo. It’s time to rule your world!

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