Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ignorance of Internet Marketing Among Africans is Detrimental to Africa’s Progress

This is a generation of easily accessible information technology. International travel to Africa is greater than ever before and people need to know how and where to get the products and services they need.

Most people in Africa have access to the internet, albeit many of which are via mobile phones. So even though they are stuck in traffic or in a village walking-they can access information they need.

We are not belittling the value of having a website, because for many Africans this is an immense and important step. However with the emergence of increased internet globalization- the real world in Africa needs to compulsorily interact with the virtual world on the web.

In fact, Africa’s wealth depends on it. 

 For instance mega cites in Africa like Lagos could not survive their immense growth without the internet.  How would a citizen or visitor to a large city like Johannesburg know where to look for certain products or services. 

From a marketing perspective, telling the right person -at the right place- at the right time about your service and product is incredibly powerful.
Internet marketing provides this channel.

Mega cities like Lagos may be feared because they are chaotic, but they are magnets of hope, creativity and growth. Through the internet, countries in Africa with mega cities such as Lagos are guaranteed global relevance-therefore driving more wealth in to Africa.

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