Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nigeria Where Is Your Amazing Company Online?

Nigeria is the largest mobile market in Africa and the tenth largest in the world

Why is your business not having success online?

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation where Mobile access to the Internet overtook PC access in October 2011.

Nigeria is the largest mobile market in Africa, so whether your customers are riding a Danfo bus or being chauffeured by their driver.  Your clients are surfing the web while sitting in Chicken Republic or standing in Shoprite. 

Video is a very effective and guaranteed way to market your company online.  It keeps your customers engaged and locked in to your website.  It offers a personal way for you to welcome your customers to your business before they pay for your products or services. 

In Nigeria, mobile devices (with Internet access) are becoming people’s primary means to access the Internet. It is common for individuals to have more than one SIM card.  Handsets with multiple SIM cards are becoming increasingly popular across Africa.

The amazing benefits of video is that companies can use different languages on their video.  And now Nokia is the only device manufacturer that has integrated the three major languages, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa, into its handsets.  They are called WaZoBia phones, Wa for Yoruba, Zo for Hausa, Bia for Igbo.

We offer great results to our clients who want to expand their business both across the continent of Africa and internationally.

Engage your customers, speak to them about how you can solve their problems and increase their success with your products and services.

No matter if your business is a small company or large company that is growing; video will cause your business to increase.

Contact us today!  Let us help you personalize and increase your business online with video. 

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