Sunday, November 23, 2014

Business Success in Ghana and Nigeria Can Be Overwhelming with Video Marketed Websites

Are you a business owner in Ghana or Nigeria?

One of the most important things about internet marketing Nigeria business owners need to realize is that things have changed in the last few years. In the past, a large focus was placed on a website’s text content.

With the growing popularity of streaming sites like YouTube and more Africans using smartphones than ever before, the secret to the internet market explosion Nigeria Ghana and other African business owners need to know is video marketed sites.

Here are a few reasons that video marketed websites is one of the most popular internet marketing services in Nigeria:

Increase Your Traffic And Visitors

To rank a website in a search engine like Google, there are over 200 search engine signals that are looked at with your web page. One of the most important factors is whether a site has mixed media or not. If your site has videos, Google will naturally boost your rankings in the search engines which means you receive more traffic than ever before.
By adding videos to popular sites like YouTube, you can also rank the videos within the search engines themselves in addition to your pages that are hosted on Nigerian web hosting sites. Videos are also easily shared which make them an important aspect of social media marketing Nigeria business owners cannot ignore.

Generate More Leads, Sales, and Revenue

The most important aspect of a video marketed website is that it can help make you more money. In a video you can quickly explain information to your buyers, making them more likely to convert from being just a visitor into an actual lead or sale. Videos are perfect for any type of business or service to explain what you have to offer, but they are also great additions to sites that deal with e-commerce Nigeria. Having videos for each of your products can drastically increase sales.

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